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Our tactical knives help you cut like a pro. We have folding and fixed blades and combo offerings. Shop our tactical knives today.
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Save the day with any of Dave and Sue Outdoor Gear's knives. Whether they are needed for an emergency or its just the right tool for the job. We offer quality equipment to bring answers where you need it them most. Thank you for shopping with Dave and Sue Outdoor Gear.

We became involved with tactical knives because we love the products. Compact folding or fixed blade and combo offerings each have their place among your gear. Increase your capabilities for safety and during recreation and relaxation.

Our Humvee and UZI knives are happily offered to you, our customer. We believe that you should have access to the highest quality at an affordable price. We are serious about this. This is a goal for us at Dave and Sue Outdoor Gear.

We know that every time you reach for your knife, you need dependability. We are confident that you'll depend on our knives every time you need them. Quality is demonstrated with each use. There is confidnce knowing that you purchased an excellent product. We hope you enjoy our tactical knives and look forward to hearing your comments!

Our top notch customer service means we stand behind our product. High quality, lowest pricing and great customer service are our hallmarks. Thank you for your interest in Dave and Sue Outdoor Gear.com and get out there and make some memories with the confidence of our knives!